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I got 3 job offers in 7 days

  • £130,000 /year
  • £90,000 /year
  • £145,000 /year

Hello! I'm Marian.

Every single technique has been put to the test on the job market and subjected to failure or success. We only pick the best ones that work for you and for us.

We give you the same process that works for us - every time

This is the same process that got 4 job offers and 2 promotions at the start of 2021, 22 job offers in 2020 and over 100 job offers for mentored students and mentors of Codetap Academy.

Due to covid 19, our amazing 1 to 1 mentoring and face to face meetings have been reduced. This is how Get Hired Academy was born!

We want to share with you all the knowledge and experience, all the proven tips and tricks, on how to get a job offer fast or how to get multiple job offers quickly every single time life throws this challenge at us.

We created a step by step process easy for you to follow and for each step one or more actions for you to take and practice, so you can become the best version of yourself at it.

I got my first job in 11 weeks

I started on my own, on a very long way, trying my best to find a job that will make me happy. As the time was passing, I saw many other people starting and succeding, while I was struggling to make it on my own.

I decided to ask for help. I spent day and night, following all the guidance and challenges Marian was exposing me to, and managed to land my first job in 11 weeks, out of three interviews. At my next job, I got tens of interviews and 5 final stage rounds schedules in 3 days.

Today, I make a living on my own and enjoy the best I can life during covid:) I miss my dog, Chloe and I plan to get her reunited with me as soon as possible.

With Marian's guidance and help, always by my side, I aim higher and eager to be part of bigger projects, to help end users have a painless experience using the products we develop.
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  • Get lots of Calls

    Get lots of Calls

    You want to be in a position to get a crazy amount of calls, emails and other chat messages. You also want to convince recruiters and HR to put you in front of the interviewer where, with our guidance and support, you will make magic happen.

  • Get Interviews

    Get Interviews

    This is the confirmation that businesses are genuinely interested in the offer of skills you present on the market. They want to know more about you, your character and how well you fit the position they offer and the culture of the company.

  • Get Hired

    Get Hired

    The minimum that you want is at least one job offer. You want to master how to get multiple job offers in a short amount of time so you can pick the one that best suits your goals and needs every single time, for the rest of your life.

Due to tens of millions of people left without a job, searching for a new position, lots of job openings have seen 300 to 500 applicants. The question is: What are your real chances to succeed quickly?

From Zero to £100,000+ per year

I used to work in hospitality, as a bar manager, working long hours, being stuck in long hours and night shifts, trying to find a way out, trying to find a purpose in life.

I quit my bartender life and joined Uber as a taxi driver so I can have time to study with Marian. As I was adviced, I devoted all my free time to invest in myself, practice every single day, how to conquer my fears and how to become a valuable asset to any company I will have the pleasure to join.

In time, I managed to get my first, second and third job while I was mentored and pushed in the right direction by Marian. Now I feel confident, I am back in control of my income and ready to face any challenge. I am powerful!

Last year I lost my dearest loved one to Covid and lost my job twice. Thanks to the teaching and support received from Marian, I managed to stay strong, always get back up and provide help to my close ones.
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The unemployment rate peaked

The Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic has had a significant effect on unemployment in every state, industry, and major demographic group in the United States, United Kingdom and all around the world.

Young workers, women, workers with low educational attainment, part-time workers, and racial and ethnic minorities had relatively high unemployment rates in April. Many, but not all, of these groups had relatively high rates in December as well.

The unemployment rate peaked at an unprecedented level, not seen since data collection started in 1948, in April 2020 (14.8%) before declining to a still elevated level in December (6.7%) - as stated in the Congressional Research Service

From Zero to Hired in three months

I used to work as a content administrator, always trying to figure out what the next step would be, trying to make a better life for me and my family.

I started to work with Marian remotely, from Romania, for the 1st month, and followed his advice step by step. I always had my doubts, in the back of my head, I was thinking: would this really work, is it working for others but not for me. I also joined the UK, for two months, in London. I missed my family, I missed them a lot.

I managed to get my 1st job from the second interview, in just three months since I started, thanks to Marian, thanks to making me his 1st priority. I am happy that I got my lovely wife and son to join me in this beautiful country full of opportunities.

I am now at my third job, pushing hard to become an amazing senior. I am in the best shape of my life, full of ideas to test and put into practice, I am changed for the better.
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Cost of Inaction

Every single day that you are not in a job or contract you are losing twice.

Fristly, you are losing the reward, the money the you could have got for your time and services provided. The income you could have got just never happens, it does not reach your account, your pocket.

Secondly, you are losing out of your pockets due to cost of living, like: rent, food and other daily necessities. Any spendings you might have will come out of your savings, until you run out of them, unless you fix your income problem.

I, Marian Zburlea, during my career, and all my students and friends that I helped since June 2016, generated over 100 job, contract or freelance offers.

From Zero to Hired in three months

Before coming to UK I used to work as a dental technician. Looking for a job in my domain or any other field to gain money for leaving, I suddenly found Marian and shortly I joined the Codetap community.

The whole learning journey in my case didn’t last too long because I’ve been focused only on university studies and Marian’s advices on how to speed up my learning skills and get quickly hired. I got fully support when I was stuck, I learned the most popular programming languages/libraries and best coding practices from his open-source courses, I got the greatest ideas on how to build an attractive CV and important tips on how to lead an interview. Thinking about it now.. it’s been a fun and pleasant 3 months experience!

I managed to get my 1st job from the third interview, in just three months since I started. 9 months since I started I got two more job offers. Currently I’m working for a startup company as a full stack developer and met the greatest team you can work with.

In the future I’m planning to improve my back-end knowledge and become a senior web developer, so I can help the company I will work for touch more clients for the better.
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100% success rate

We shaped and helped tens of successful people and so far we have a 100% success rate for our 1 to 1 mentored students attending the Daily Get Hired Academy.

As long as you make this your number one priority and focus on improving your skills every day through practice, well structure input and tailored help you become your best version you can be, there is nothing stopping you from becoming hireable as quickly as possible.

In 2021 our 1 to 1 mentored members, using the same techniques present in these courses, have generated lots of offers or promotions: £45,000 £70,000 £75,000 £85,000 £90,000 £130,000 £145,000

From Zero to Hired in five months

After I landed in London, I was like: OK! Now what? I took the first job as an electrician, working with some friends and family.

After one year I wanted a change in my life, I reached to CodeTap and I coded my first website in the first two weeks, learning that I can do it and how to do it. After almost three months of practicing and learning, Marian pushed me to create my CV and to start applying for jobs.

Now I'm a successful mid Web Developer aiming to build the future using Augmented Reality.

In the future I’m planning to enjoy playing games with my girlfriend. We're big fans of the Pokemon Community!.
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You are one of them

Our successes come from a rich variety of previous backgrounds: waiters, electricians, bartenders, taxi drivers, uber eats, students, CCTV security, no job, I.T., etc.

There are over 40,000,000 developers in the world and each of them, no matter if they are beginners or experts, at some point in their life knew nothing about coding or nothing about how to build an website.

Remember, you don't have to be good to start, you have to start to become good.

From Zero to Hired in 7 weeks

After 2 years of maritime navigation around Europe, one day, I've decided I need a career change. That's when CodeTap showed up on my Facebook page.

Ever since day 0, I was able to build and to understand how websites work, even though I had no knowledge before I started.

Managed to get my first job on the first interview I had, after only 1 month and 17 days of hardcore coding for a minimum of 6 hours per day. So, I'm challenging you to break my record ! 😀

In the future I’m planning to help my parents with their big plans and enjoy travelling with my girlfriend!.
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How much time do I need to spend?

As much time as you can. You want to make this a top priority.

To have a good start it's ideal to spend a week writing down each half an hour all the activities you've just done and for how long.

At the end of the week write down all the unique activities and sum up the time spent for them.

You'll figure out which ones you want to pause or throw away, which ones you can reduce and so on

From Zero to Hired in 3 months

After 4 years of doing jobs what I didn't like and felt my work worth nothing, after some research I found CodeTap.

I started building websites from day one and I was able to understand how websites work without any knowledge before. I really enjoyed learning HTML, CSS, JavaScript and a lots of cool stuff from Marian. He motivated me every day to not giving up and I managed to get my first job after a couple of interviews.

Now I am working as a Mid web-developer at a cool company and now I feel my work is worth something and that's what you guys can get when joining to the CodeTap family!

I and my wife enjoy travelling the world and now we can visit all the places we dreamed of. Thanks Marian for opening this world of opportunities for us!
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How much can I earn, in London?

Students of CodeTap Academy can earn between £35,000 and £50,000 in the first year, or more. Getting hired in this bracket is the easy part.

The more you want to climb up the career ladder, the more effort and experience you want to gain. Seniors can top 6 digits per year. That's over £100,000.

With proper guidance, good focus and sustained effort our top 5 students reached over £100,000 in one to three years.

From Zero to Hired in 7 weeks

I was in the worse case scenario anyone can find themselves in their life, after my finances have been hit by a truck in a bad real estate deal.

Marian started to help me straight away and I literally started coding from my kitchen sofa.

I landed my first job in the first round of interviews and I am the quickest growing student of CodeTap Academy. I got a direct letter from the Director of Ladbrokes Coral thanking me for bringing their project 10 years forward.

I am always looking how to be part of a big impact project in this world and I love giving back to the community, helping others achieve their dreams just like I did!
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How quickly can I get a job?

Our 1st two places hold the record of 7 weeks from Zero to HIRED, followed by a few in two months, most of them in 3-4 months and a few longer than that.

It all depends on how much time you spend practicing and how open minded you are to try new techniques and approaches to speed up your learning process.

The key is to practice all the time and write all the time.

From Zero to Hired in 3 months

I tried to join an IT company as intern and after 6 months they told me I am not a good to continue.

I came to London, and with the help of good friends I started the 1 to 1 mentoring with Marian. It was a journey with big ups and big downs.

I nailed my second interview after paying attention to the guidance Marian was providing and following his advice to the teeth.

I want to grow with my company that I am currently in and I am more than happy to be in the best team I have ever met!
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Can I work from home?

During the covid time, all of our students work from home and are expected to continue working from home after covid 19 slows down.

A branch of the web developer job, named Digital Nomad, works from anywhere in the world, while travelling all the time. It feels like a continuous holiday that is paid by the work that you do.

Lots of people will start a side business, freelance or providing services, which allows them to work on their own terms.